Nick Collins ChatWrap: More O-linemen

As some of you know, Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins is going through the proverbial "Car Wash" at ESPN headquarters Tuesday. I'm hoping to bring you more multi-media of his appearances in the next day or so, but for now let's zero in on his SportsNation chat. I thought one of his responses was particularly compelling:

Matt (DC)

Nick, big fan. What do you see as the Packers biggest needs this offseason?

Nick Collins (12:50 PM)

Probably get another OL guy. I think that's the direction I would go if I were the GM. But who knows what they're going to go after.

Most of us have suggested that outside linebacker is the Packers' biggest need on a relatively short list, and it's interesting that Collins stayed away from that. Instead, he focused on longer-term issue the Packers must resolve at some point. General manager Ted Thompson said last month he plans to get at least one more year out of left tackle Chad Clifton, leaving Bryan Bulaga to play right tackle in 2011. But at some point, the Packers need a succession plan for Clifton, who is 34.

It's just one player's opinion, but it's worth noting if for no other reason because it's a player from the Packers.