Rodgers survives preseason opener

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Aaron Rodgers made it.

He made it through the Green Bay Packers' pregame sprint onto the field.

He made it through his first play as the Packers' starter. (Officially, a 6-yard pass to receiver James Jones.)

Rogers got his first sack out of his way, threw his first interception and notched his first touchdown.

Officially, Rodgers completed nine of 15 passes for 117 yards. The interception was not his fault. (It bounced off the hands of receiver Chris Francies). Neither was the touchdown. (Jones broke a tackle, lost his helmet and sprinted 15 yards into the end zone at the end of a 30-yard play.)

But tonight's preseason opener wasn't about such minutiae for Rodgers. It was just about getting there. After months of preparation and a few weeks of intense drama, Rodgers could finally begin the on-field process of replacing Brett Favre.

He won't be able to escape Favre's shadow any time soon. Favre, in fact, was featured in a television advertisement after the Packers' second series. But starting Monday night, Rodgers was able to start casting one of his own.