BBAO: Jenn Sterger speaks

We're Black and Blue All Over:

I ducked out for a week. Upon my return, I figured we would have a new set of stories and at least some fresh news here in the NFC North. And what do we have here on this fine Monday morning? The Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger story is right back in our wheelhouse.

This story technically doesn't fall under NFC North jurisdiction anymore because Favre has retired from the Minnesota Vikings (and Green Bay Packers), and the issue at hand occurred during Favre's season with the New York Jets in 2008. But there remains a fair amount of Favre interest among our readership, and ultimately Sterger's yet-to-be-aired interview with ABC's "Good Morning America" will play a role in the permanence of the episode on Favre's reputation.

Will Sterger downplay Favre's alleged pursuit of her? Will she confirm the creepiest reported details? Will the interview put a final stamp on the issue or re-open it? Remember, the NFL fined Favre $50,000 for failing to be forthright with the investigation but not for violating any league rules.

"GMA" will air the interview Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. A few excerpts have been published, centered mostly on Sterger's inability to get a job. But here is how Sterger described her initial contact with Favre through an intermediary when she was a sideline reporter for the Jets:

"I was approached one day at the beginning of the preseason games, by a man wearing a Jets badge, employee badge, who asked me, 'How would you feel if Brett Favre asked for your phone number? What would you say?' And I just looked at him, my usual smartass self. And I said, 'I'd say I like my job an awful lot. And I've been told I look remarkably like his wife.'"

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