Gruden QB camp: Andy Dalton

As Tom reminded me in Tuesday's SportsNation chat, I've speculated that the Minnesota Vikings' search for a quarterback could end in the second round of this month's draft, where TCU's Andy Dalton seemed likely to be available when they choose at No. 43 overall.

That speculation might now be outdated. ESPN drafts analysts Mel KiperInsider and Todd McShayInsider envision Dalton coming off the board no later than No. 35 overall, where the Cincinnati Bengals are slotted. Why is Dalton's stock rising? Take a look at the video below, an excerpt of Dalton's QB camp with ESPN analyst Jon Gruden.

"You're going to get a winner, something I've done basically my whole football career," Dalton said.

Gruden's only piece of criticism is noting an instance in the Rose Bowl when Dalton, hoping to extend a 14-0 lead over Wisconsin, missed a wide-open receiver in the flat while forcing a pass downfield.

"Make a note young man," Gruden said. "You're going to have a checkdown in this offense."

Otherwise, Gruden calls Dalton "one of the great decision-makers in college football history."

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