A head start on college free agency?

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Unlike every draft I've ever covered, the 2011 version won't be followed by the rapid-fire work of college free agency, when each team jumps into an open market to sign the players that weren't drafted. The lockout prevents that, just like all other player movement other than the draft.

So I thought it was interesting when Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson made three trades Saturday that in the end allowed him to load up on low-round draft picks. Watching it happen here in the Minnesota Vikings' media room, 1500ESPN.com cousin Tom Pelissero suggested Thompson was strategically positioning himself to draft at least some of the players he would have otherwise been pursuing as college free agents.

It sounded like a good theory to me. So with that, let's look at how many selections each NFC North team had in the sixth and seventh rounds combined Saturday.