FavreWatch: 'Will I get bored?'

OK, it's time to generate a few final page views with a Brett Favre post.

(Wait, did I say that?)

It's around this time of year when we start hearing from Favre, the once-and-future retired NFC North quarterback who tends to "get the itch" to play one more year in late spring and with NFL training camps on the horizon.

Favre expressed nothing of the sort during the clips of an interview posted Friday by WDAM-Ch. 7 in Hattiesburg, Miss. The closest a conspiracy theorist/mind-reader could get was this thought: "Will I get bored at whatever it is I'm doing? I'm sure I will. But I'll take it as it comes."

I've always believed that Favre's career would end when not a single of the 32 NFL teams wanted him. There is little doubt that at some point this spring or fall, Favre will wish he was playing. But will a team, even one whose quarterback is injured or otherwise holding it back from greater success, wish he were playing for it?

Favre's physical meltdown last season with the Minnesota Vikings made the baggage associated with signing him untenable. I'm not sure if another team would put itself through a similar situation even for the shortest period of time.

In reality, the next step in Favre's football life will be a reconciliation with the Green Bay Packers and subsequent retirement ceremony. ETA: Sometime prior to his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.