Ray Edwards-Kimbo Slice? Not likely

Ray Edwards admitted he was nervous for his pro boxing debut Friday night. But after an uneven but unanimous victory Friday night over T.J. Gibson, Edwards was hardly humbled.

Appearing Monday morning on ESPN's "First Take," Edwards said he would like to pursue his boxing career simultaneously with football. Edwards is a pending free agent who spent his first four seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.

"Football has been very good to me," Edwards said. "I would love to do both. Deion Sanders did both. Bo Jackson did both, and I feel have the capability to do both. So why not do both and make history?"

Deion Sanders.

Bo Jackson

Ray Edwards.

Why not?

Meanwhile, don't get your hopes up if you're hoping that Edwards will agree to fight mixed martial arts star Kimbo Slice, as has been discussed in boxing circles recently. Edwards noted that Slice lost last year to Matt Mitrione, a teammate of Edwards at Purdue who spent part of the 2005 season with the Vikings.

"He got beat by an ex-teammate of mine, Matt Mitrione," Edwards said. "I'll let him and Matt Mitrione figure that out. If they come and my management thinks like it's a good opportunity, we might accept it. And we might not."