A note on our new comments section

As most of you are probably aware, ESPN.com has installed a new conversation template that changes the way we comment on the bottom of posts. There are two big improvements:

  • You can now reply parenthetically to comments in a way that will keep individual conversations contained.

  • The area automatically refreshes. You won't need to do it manually to see the newest comments.

I'm sure there will be some bugs. Feel free to let us know your concerns and I'll try to find answers for you. In fact, I've already got one answer to share for those who are annoyed when the auto-refresh causes them to lose their place. (I was among them.)

Eventually, a "pause" button will be installed. But in the meantime, you can pause the auto-refresh by mousing over any portion of the comment area. A few of you have already figured that out, but I wanted to pass it along to the entire group nonetheless.