NFC North dominant team 2014-16

ESPN.com's Dream Team of Tomorrow nominees included 10 Green Bay Packers, more than any other NFL team. The Detroit Lions were also well represented, but when editors asked me to predict the division's dominant team in three years, there wasn't much choice.

We obviously don't know who will join the NFC North over the next few seasons, either via the draft or free agency. But based on what we have in front of us, it's hard to look at this any other way.

The Packers won Super Bowl XLV in 2010 and have more rising stars in their pipeline than any team in the entire league. They have the best chance among our four teams to build a long-term dynasty.

Take a look at the 22 offensive and defensive players who started in the Super Bowl. I could easily see 15 of them in similar roles three years from now. More importantly, they are core players.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be 30 at the start of that era. So will receiver Greg Jennings, safety Nick Collins and linebacker A.J. Hawk. Guard Josh Sitton, nose tackle B.J. Raji and linebacker Clay Matthews will be 28. Tight end Jermichael Finley will be 27. All have the opportunity to be in the prime of their careers at that point.

Should the Lions, Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings pack it in? Of course not. So many unforeseen variables and events will occur between now and 2014, but it's fair to say the Packers have built the best infrastructure for long-term success in this division.