Scramble'11: Guessing when camps open

Greetings. Making a rare Sunday drop-in to pass along a smart post from NFC West colleague Mike Sando, who deduced an unofficial but logical training camp reporting schedule based on ESPN's latest lockout reporting.

If the NFL Players Association ratifies the new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) on Monday, then teams could report to training camp this week based on a 15-day window before their first preseason game. Again, this schedule isn't official but is a possible framework for those of you who need to know NOW when your favorite NFC North team will be in camp.

If it goes according to Sando's deduction, the Detroit Lions would report Thursday. The rest of the division would report Friday.

If you're making plans, remember that the CBA requires the first day of camp to be devoted to medical checkups and meetings. The first practice can't occur until Day 2 and the first hitting can't happen until Day 4.

Back with you bright and early Monday morning.

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