Matthew Stafford: 'Play will do my talking'

Earlier Tuesday, we noted the post-lockout arrival of the Minnesota Vikings' Percy Harvin, who lost about 10 pounds during the offseason in anticipation of what could be a much more significant role as a receiver this season. So let us also note the interesting tone Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford took during an interview session with reporters.

Stafford's injury history has been chronicled to exhaustion, both on this blog and from a national perspective. It would be only natural to carry a little angst about it, but I thought Stafford's approach mixed the right amount of reality and swagger.

"During the season," Stafford said, "I just want to be there. That's the big thing. If I can get out there and stay healthy ... I don't have to make any predictions. My play will do my talking for me."

(Audio courtesy the Lions' website.)

In truth, there are two parallel discussions on Stafford. One is whether he can stay healthy. The other is whether he can play. Neither has been completely resolved.

No one can predict health moving forward. And we only had parts of three games last season to evaluate the progress Stafford made from his 20-interception rookie season. Stafford's response suggested the former will take care of the latter. That's a fair way to put it.