Explaining Donovan McNabb's reticence

Earlier, we noted a reference to some concerns Donovan McNabb might have about a tentative trade that would send him to the Minnesota Vikings. ESPN's Adam Schefter explains the situation in the video below.

According to Schefter, some people in the McNabb camp became emotional Tuesday night because of the cool embrace the Vikings extended. They were concerned about reports the Vikings had first pursued free agent Tyler Thigpen as well as the Vikings' insistence that he dramatically reduce his contract terms.

Thigpen is the quarterback I thought the Vikings might pair with rookie Christian Ponder, but Thigpen smartly agreed to terms with the Buffalo Bills, where he will have a chance to win a long-term starting job.

Ultimately, the deal is expected to happen. The Redskins will get a sixth-round draft pick in 2012 and possibly a conditional pick as well. Stay tuned.