Power Rankings: Packers riding high


And, as tradition often dictates, last year's Super Bowl champions are opening in the No. 1 spot. Your Green Bay Packers are the league's top team at this moment, according to our panel of five voters. (As in the past two years, I am not a part of the committee.)

Four of the five voters took the Packers. AFC North blogger James Walker passed, instead jumping on the Philadelphia Eagles bandwagon. I'm guessing we will be having many similar Packers-Eagles discussions as the weeks and months continue.

The rest of the NFC North:

13. Chicago Bears

Comment: I was pleasantly surprised to see the Bears place this high given the national attention on their offensive line.

18. Detroit Lions

Comment: For those who aren't keeping track, the Lions haven't been ranked higher in ESPN.com's Power Rankings since Week 13 of 2007.

24. Minnesota Vikings

Comment: But they traded for Donovan McNabb!