Jermichael Finley: Eagles talk will 'halt'

On Tuesday, ESPN.com debuted its 2011 Power Rankings. The Green Bay Packers ranked No. 1 overall, receiving the top vote of every panelist but one. AFC North blogger James Walker placed the Philadelphia Eagles in the top spot, inadvertently starting what could be a season-long debate: Did the Eagles' free agent acquisitions push them ahead of the Packers as the top team in the NFC?

From what I can tell, most Packers players are amused by such public conversations. One, however, is having none of it. During an interview with WSSP-1250 in Milwaukee, Finley said "I ain't worrying about all that." Via sportsradiointerviews.com, Finley added: "Like I said, all that talk with the Eagles and the Saints if you want, that will come to a halt I guarantee you."

Finley was also asked about calling the Eagles a "Dream Team," comments that have been associated with fellow Texas Longhorn Vince Young, now the Eagles' backup quarterback.

"Ah man, that's just talk," Finley said. "That's on paper. VY is a backup, I don't think he should be doing too much talking. But at the same time, that's just on paper."

Finley will get a quick chance to prove his statement partially accurate in the Sept. 8 season opener against the Saints. A matchup with the Eagles? Unfortunately, that can't happen until the playoffs.