Obama clarifies: Rodgers as Cutler's No. 2

Now I know why I prefer sports over politics.

Earlier Friday, President Barack Obama jokingly suggested his Chicago Bears should acquire Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. But it appears Obama wasn't willing to stand on what seemed like an unintentional slight at the Bears' current starter, Jay Cutler.

Believe it or not, the White House reached out to the Chicago Tribune late Friday to clarify Obama's joke. Via Brad Biggs: "The President understands the value of having a reliable backup quarterback -- and (Rodgers as a No. 2 behind Cutler) would make it more likely that he could greet the Bears at a similar ceremony at the White House next year."

OK. So now it's a (friendly) rip on Rodgers?

And they call the NFL the "No Fun League."