Calvin Johnson 'not tripping' over rankings

I hadn't intended to revisit last Friday's discussion of ESPN analyst Cris Carter's ranking of NFL receivers, the one that left out Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions from the top six. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and Carter's is that Johnson doesn't always need to be double-teamed.

But I am glad to see that Johnson's response reflected my own. Here's what he told Detroit-area reporters Monday: "I'm not really tripping. I don't really care. I don't really listen. I didn't even know what happened until one of the guys told me the other day. I have my remarks, but I'm going to keep that to myself."

I won't hazard to guess what Johnson's remarks might be. In the end, this is a fun but largely irrelevant discussion that isn't worth getting bent out of shape over. Appropriately, that's the same conclusion that ESPN's Mike Greenberg reached in the video clip below, which also includes Carter's original comments on Johnson.