Poll: What to do with Matt Flynn?

Last December, Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn demonstrated he could execute a well-conceived game plan in the home stadium of the NFL's top team. Were it not for one of the most ridiculous kickoff returns in NFL history, Flynn might have led the Packers to an upset of the New England Patriots.

That performance sparked a debate that has only intensified this summer: Has Flynn developed to the point where another NFL team might consider him a starter? Nothing Flynn did in Saturday's preseason opener will derail that suggestion; he completed 11 of 18 passes for 126 yards and a touchdown in the Packers' 27-17 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

I'm not ready to declare Flynn the next Charlie Whitehurst, let alone the next Matt Cassel. But the Packers do face something of a tactical decision when it comes to Flynn, and I'd like to see your thoughts via the accompanying SportsNation poll.

Flynn is in his fourth season, meaning he'll qualify as an unrestricted free agent this winter. Assuming he has ambitions beyond backing up Aaron Rodgers for the rest of his career, it would be understandable if he sought opportunities elsewhere.

So if you're the Packers, what do you do? Ride out the season and let Flynn walk (potentially) this winter with no compensation? Entice him with a lucrative contract extension before the start of the regular season, paying him close to the value he might receive as a starter-in-waiting elsewhere? Or do you at least solicit trade offers to determine if there is enough value available to part ways now?

A portion of the Packers' decision rests in their comfort level with No. 3 quarterback Graham Harrell, who would presumably replace Flynn if he were traded before the start of the season.

Go ahead and register your vote and/or let me know what you think in the comments section below. I'll follow up by the end of the week.