Plantar fasciitis for Vikings' Kevin Williams

Tuesday brought two important developments for Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams. In order:

  1. A foot specialist diagnosed him with plantar fasciitis, an inflammation on the bottom of his left foot that likely will force him to sit out the rest of the preseason. But if that's the worst of it, the Vikings should consider themselves lucky. Plantar fasciitis is no joke, but any trip to a foot specialist that doesn't end in the word "fracture" or include "Lis Franc" has to be considered a success. At this point, the injury isn't expected to keep him out of a regular season game.

  2. Many of you have been asking when and if Williams will be suspended for violating the NFL's policy on banned substances. Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports the NFL and NFL Players Association are still negotiating discipline terms under the new collective bargaining agreement. One likely scenario, however, would create two tiers designed to separate punishment for use of diuretics and the use of steroids. If that happens, Williams' suspension would be for two games rather than four or six.