Clayton: One elite quarterback in NFC North

Miss your afternoon caffeine jolt? ESPN.com senior writer John Clayton has offered you some late-afternoon adrenaline.

With 2011 being the Year of the Quarterback and all, Clayton produced a comprehensive ranking of 33 potential starting quarterbacks. He slotted one NFC North quarterback in the "elite" category and the rest in the dubiously titled "Chad Pennington Division."

Clayton's rankings, along with a comment or two from me, are below. First, the usual caveat: Rankings are for entertainment purposes only.

2. Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers)

Seifert comment: No argument from me. That's where I had Rodgers during our much-discussed offseason positional power rankings.

16. Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears)

Comment: It's a bit sobering to be ranked below the likes of Sam Bradford and Matt Cassel. But Cutler's national reputation has been impacted by 26 interceptions in 2009 and 52 sacks in 2010.

19. Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions)

Seifert comment: Unless our eyes have deceived us this summer, this is one of the few times Stafford will be mentioned in the same breath as Pennington.

22. Donovan McNabb (Minnesota Vikings)

Comment: No one has high expectations for the six-time Pro Bowler. It took only a sixth-round draft pick to acquire him and a $5.05 million contract to sign him.