FavreWatch: Addressing the team

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- We’ve had reports of schisms and reports of total harmony. There has been speculation that Brett Favre signed late with Minnesota because he wanted to skip training camp. He was caught in the middle of a broken pledge from his head coach.

Some of it is true and some of it was false. Ultimately, Favre decided he wanted his new teammates to hear directly from the source.

Favre revealed Wednesday that he recently spoke to the team with the blessing of coach Brad Childress. He wanted his teammates and coaches to know why he came out of retirement, what caused his delayed arrival and “what I was here for.”

“I don’t think anything needed to be addressed,” Favre said. “For the most part it’s all been addressed. Not from me. I asked Brad. I asked him a while back if at some point I could just speak to the team from the heart. I think the guys these last three weeks have gotten a pretty good judge of what type of guy I am, what type of player. It’s obviously different because now I’m in this locker room, amongst this team. One of 53. All the stuff that went on prior to training camp and up until me signing. I just wanted to address it.

“I didn’t feel like I needed to, but I wanted the guys to know where I stood and what I was here for. Sort of the timeline and what happened and things like that. Not that I felt like I had to. And I felt like it came across well. Because it was from the heart. … Not that it’s going to give us three more wins or three more losses. I wanted to be genuine and let the guys know where I stand.”

There have been no outward signs of discontent since Favre’s arrival, but I think the unprecedented nature of the situation makes an explanation appropriate. Favre knows how to put on the charm when he needs to, and to the extent there were any hurt feelings, this was his attempt to smooth them over.

One programming note: For the most part, Favre is scheduled to speak with reporters every Wednesday. His, uh, thorough answers generally bring forth at least one new angle, so I’ll make a habit of bringing you FavreWatch on Wednesday afternoons as warranted. Before you ask, I’ll do the same for Jay Cutler (CutWatch?) Aaron Rodgers (RodWatch?) and Matthew Stafford (StaffWatch?)

Carry on.