ChatWrap: Paging James Jones

Thanks to everyone who participated in Tuesday's SportsNation chat, even those who asked -- yes -- if the Green Bay Packers will trade receiver James Jones after his one-catch outing in last Thursday's season-opening victory over the New Orleans Saints. A sample:

Chad (Guam)

Are the Packers considering shopping James Jones to shore up some other positions and open up room for [Randall] Cobb or will they keep him in case of injury?

Kevin Seifert (2:09 PM)

No. I think Jones will get his turns. There just aren't going to be enough passes to go around for everyone to be satisfied after every game.

As it turns out, we took that question about the same time that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was addressing it himself on his weekly radio show over on ESPN 540 in Milwaukee. So let's hear from Rodgers on what I'm sure will be a season-long discussion of the Packers' array of offensive skill players.

"I have the privilege of throwing to a number of talented guys," Rodgers said. "I hope it doesn't turn into a media frenzy on whoever isn't getting the ball that week. And I hope at the same time, we're unselfish enough to realize that it's a 16-week season."

Rodgers used an old baseball axiom to note that everyone in the Packers locker room "is going to have the opportunity to make an impact play this season" and said he has the same confidence in Jones that he did when advocating for his return this summer.

"Some weeks it's going to be Greg [Jennings]," Rodgers said. "And some weeks it's going to be Jordy [Nelson], Donald [Driver], James [Jones], Jermichael [Finley], Randall. There is a lot of talented guys on this roster, and it just depends on how the other teams are playing. And I'm not going to change the way I play. I throw to the open guy. I think we've seen that in my 48 starts. The guy who is open is going to get the ball.

"If there're in a one-on-one situation, Greg and Jermichael, those guys might get the ball more because they're winning a lot of one on-ones. So get open, you're going to get the ball."

As we discussed last week, Rodgers has the most difficult job in this dynamic. He must stay true to the offense and the principles of the game despite his knowledge that every player wants (and perhaps) deserves more attention. It sounds like he's fully aware of the challenge.