Have at It: Yikes

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

Well. I’d say Minnesota cut out my legs from under me a full 24 hours before it was time to settle this week’s Have at It topic. The release of Bobby Wade as the final straw for the legions of you who went bonkers when I suggested we debate receiver depth in Green Bay and Minnesota. It’s not a good sign when the coaches who watch a player every day decide he’s not as valuable as a guy who caught a third the number of passes over the past two years.

That’s right. Wade had 107 receptions from 2007 to 2008 while Greg Lewis grabbed 32. Whatever. I still think Wade is a good player, but I don’t mind admitting defeat when it happens. I tried to steer the debate toward depth and away from pure skill at the top, but now even I can’t side with the depth of a receiving corps that features a rookie (Percy Harvin) at No. 3, a journeyman (Lewis) at No. 4 and an essential rookie (Darius Reynaud) at No. 5.

I will say I’m stunned how emotional the debate got. We set a Have at It record with more than 1,000 comments on the original post and another 170 or so on the Wade release. (I hope everyone got the sarcasm of the headline and the last line about the Vikings getting deeper with Lewis.)

Those emotions probably clouded a few nuances of the debate. I never questioned the superiority of the Packers’ Greg Jennings-Donald Driver duo. And while many of you thought I was trying to diminish James Jones by listing his 2008 statistics (based on 10 games), those numbers really were just a reference point to remind people what happened across the board last season.

Of all the responses I got, I laughed the hardest at Keith of Milwaukee’s mailbag note. Keith suggested some future Have at It topics:

  • How the Vikes will go 18-0 this year

  • Minnesota winters … sublime!

  • Everyone looks good in purple

  • Brad Childress for President: Let's start the campaign now.

In retrospect, a more constructive exercise would have been to take the top five receivers from each team and create a single depth chart for them. That idea spawned when encaitar suggested he would start Bernard Berrian opposite Jennings, and instead of Driver, if they were all on the same team. (“Having terrible QBs that can't get you the ball doesn't mean you aren't a great WR,” encaitar wrote.)

So if you’re bored on a Friday morning, I invite you to arrange your own Vickers (or Packings?) receiver depth chart. Mine would look like this, assuming everyone is healthy:

  1. Jennings

  2. Berrian

  3. Driver

  4. Jones

  5. Sidney Rice

  6. Harvin

  7. Jordy Nelson

  8. Lewis

  9. Reynaud

  10. Brett Swain

Remember, we’ll present a new Have at It topic every Wednesday morning and settle it by Friday morning during the season.