Talking Week 2 with you from the Dome

MINNEAPOLIS -- Greetings from the Metrodome, where I'm getting my first glimpse at the new $18 million roof. As you can see in this award-winning photograph, the middle of the roof doesn't have an interior lining. That allows more light in and makes us all feel like ... we're inside a football stadium that doesn't have an interior lining in the middle of the roof.

I'm told that the hanging squares of cloth are acoustic-related.

Anyway, as per our new game-day tradition, we're now open for questions and comments about Week 2. Get busy in the comments section below and I'll join you.

With three 1-0 teams and a fourth that's 0-1, we might as well get this statistic out of the way right now. Since the postseason expanded to 12 teams in 1990, 64 percent of teams that started 2-0 went on to make the playoffs. Of those that started 0-2, 12.4 percent reached the postseason.

Chat with you in a moment. We'll go for about 45 minutes or so.