Rodgers: Soldier Field 'wasn't bad at all'

We've hammered the playing surface at Soldier Field from time to time. So has Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. So it's worth noting that Rodgers found little to complain about Tuesday when discussing the field conditions during Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears.

Speaking on his weekly ESPN 540 radio show, Rodgers said: "I think it was the best the field's been [but] that's not saying a whole lot."

The Bears and the Chicago Park District re-sodded the field last week, but Sunday's rain left it soggy for pregame warm-ups. Officials stopped the game once because of a "dangerous situation" that appeared to be an exposed sprinkler head, and Rodgers did say there were times when he felt like he was standing on "uneven ground."

"A couple of times in the shotgun," Rodgers said, "I'm trying to get my feet set, and my feet, it felt like I was on uneven ground. I had to kind of dig my feet in, kind of wiggle them out like you were almost in the sand on a golf shot, just to kind of get your feet set. It was a weird feeling.

"That being said, I expected it to be a lot worse. The guys went out [in pregame], they said the tarps have been out there, the grass is super long, it's like your local park you're playing on. ... But it wasn't bad at all. I thought it was in really good condition for Chicago."

More than anything, Rodgers' comments confirm once again that the field conditions in Chicago are, at the very least, an actively discussed issue among opponents. It hasn't worked to the Bears' advantage recently against the Packers, who have won consecutive games at Soldier Field, but I'm sure it impacts players with less experience there.