NFC North QBR update: Week 4

Let's make our weekly comparison between the Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) and passer rating of each NFC North quarterback. In some cases, it can give us a deeper insight into how each quarterback performed. At the bottom of this post is a cumulative comparison of each metric.

Aaron Rodgers

Week 4 passer rating: 134.5

NFL rank: 1

Week 3 QBR: 96.2

NFL rank: 2

Comment: In one of the best games of his career, Rodgers personally accounted for 21 first downs and six touchdowns over nine possessions. QBR ranked him second in Week 4 behind Tennessee Titans’ Matt Hasselbeck, however. ESPN analyst Alok Pattani reported Hasselbeck was more productive on a per-play basis, which QBR values over total production. Rodgers obviously had much more total production. Some of it came with the game against the Denver Broncos well in hand. Passing along without further comment.

Matthew Stafford

Week 4 passer rating: 71.8

NFL rank: 20

Week 3 QBR: 42.5

NFL rank: 16

Comment: Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys wasn’t Stafford’s best of the season by any stretch. But in this case, Stafford got extra clutch weighting from QBR from the fact that his two second-half touchdown passes brought the Lions back from a big deficit. Passer rating doesn’t include the context of the game situation.

Donovan McNabb

Week 4 passer rating: 88.5

NFL rank: 12

Week 3 QBR: 42.3

NFL rank: 18

Comment: QBR took a harsher look at McNabb’s performance in part because of a fumble, even though it was recovered by the Vikings, as well as four consecutive incompletions to end the final possession.

Jay Cutler

Week 4 passer rating: 46.7

NFL rank: 29

Week 3 QBR: 10.0

NFL rank: 29

Comment: Everyone agrees: Another shaky outing from the Bears quarterback.