Rodgers remembers Roddy White's shot

We noted last month that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t miss much about what’s said, written or implied about him or the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers offered another example Tuesday during his radio show on ESPN 540.

Even I had forgotten that Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White took, by his standards, a mild shot last month. Thanks to those of you who responded to my Twitter query on the topic, which brought me to an interview White gave to the NFL Network.

Speaking about the Packers’ convincing 48-21 playoff victory at the Georgia Dome last January, White said:

"We were a better team than those guys. We went out there, and we didn't perform at our highest level. We're a run-first team, you know, and we throw the ball second. So once we get behind like that, it's hard for us to catch up. That was a tough lesson learned, but it was a good lesson learned because we're more focused this year. I feel like we're a better team this year, and we'll be ready to get after those guys."

Rodgers obviously took note. He didn't mention White by name Tuesday. But asked what he was expecting from the Falcons in Sunday’s night’s rematch, he said:

"I’m expecting a crowd that’s into the game. A defense that’s excited. It’s going to be a loud atmosphere, like it always is down there. We got after them pretty good last year in the playoffs. I know some of the comments that have been made this offseason have been borderline disrespectful about what happened in the game, but basically we went down there and beat them, and they were the No. 1 seed. I’m sure they’re upset about that.”

I don't tend to get too deep about these things. Generally speaking, the better team is the one that wins the game. Why else do they keep score?

White is a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to public statements, and in this case he served up an easy one for Rodgers to grab and, presumably, use to help motivate his teammates. Nothing more than that, really.