Video: Matt Forte wants an explanation

The video below contains more material for this week's "Have at It" discussion on the impact of Chicago Bears tailback Matt Forte's stalled contract negotiations. Forte tells ESPN's Josina Anderson that he wants Bears management to tell him why a deal hasn't gotten done.

"If you're an organization and you have your own player that you have drafted," Forte said, "... I'm not coming from another team. I'm a guy that has been here since Day 1 when they drafted me, working hard out there. Why not reward that guy for working hard? That's in any job. … That's what is odd to me, that it hasn't gotten done yet."

Forte's words and tone were mild and completely non-threatening, and that's about the only thing that has kept this issue from becoming a complete circus. Once again, however, I'll reiterate that it's pretty rare for NFL players to speak so openly about their contracts in the middle of a season. It's even more unusual to hear so many other players speak up on Forte's behalf, from Lance Briggs to Brian Urlacher to former Bears tight end Greg Olsen. Even NBA star LeBron James has gotten into the act, tweeting Friday that the Bears should "pay the man."