Breaking down ages in the NFC North

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

A few interesting notes emerged from the NFL’s annual Week 1 roster analysis. Here in the NFC North, we have the league’s youngest team and one of its oldest.

Rosters change every day, but for the snapshot of opening weekend, here was the average age on each NFC North roster along with its NFL ranking:

6. Detroit (27.15)

10. Minnesota (26.94)

16. Chicago (26.57)

32. Green Bay (25.7)

(NFL average: 26.61)

The Lions, meanwhile, were tied for fifth in the NFL with 15 players who are 30 and over. The Packers had the NFL’s fewest with four.

There are many ways to build an NFL team, and most of them will impact this ranking. The Lions overhauled their roster after last season’s 0-16 record, loading up on veterans they hoped could give them some short-term credibility while they develop their latest draft class. The Packers, on the other hand, maintained their philosophy of building through the draft. They waived both of their free agent acquisitions, safety Anthony Smith and offensive lineman Duke Preston.