ChatWrap: The Lions and Kevin Smith

Tuesday's SportsNation chat brought us a confluence of Kevins:

Kevin (NYC)

from one kevin to another about a kevin....what's the deal with kevin smith? Will he start and what role will he play?

Kevin Seifert (2:19 PM)

He won't start and he'll at best be a role player in the beginning.

But there's no sense in letting my answer stand when a person with much better information addressed it shortly thereafter. Speaking to reporters after a bonus Tuesday practice, Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz said Smith didn't so much address a short-term need as he did prove that he is ready to resume his career during a workout last week.

"Kevin has long experience here with the Lions," Schwartz said. "[He's] very familiar with our system. But also we had a big workout last week, with an eye toward a lot of things we were talking about with the second half of the season, and you need to be prepared for a lot of different situations that come up. And honestly in his case, we hadn’t really planned on signing anybody, but Kevin looked so good. Ran well, moved well, was in great shape, and you know, has been a productive player for us when he’s been on the field and I think, one of the silver linings in this was it gave his body time to heal.

"He really impressed everyone and we sort of know what we have, again, when he’s healthy and he’s obviously in great shape."

In other words, Smith proved a ready-man contingency plan for a team that might or might not need one at his position. The Lions will get their best players on the field, and if Smith proves to be one of them, he'll play. In the meantime, I'm guessing he's the team's third back behind Maurice Morris and Keiland Williams while Jahvid Best recovers from a concussion.