Vikings-Packers II: Lambeau dressed up

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- I arrived at Stop No. 2 of our Week 10 doubleheader to find a very cool pregame scene.

As we noted earlier, the open of ESPN's broadcast Monday night will honor Veteran's Week and will feature Jake Wood, a decorated Marine who now works to bring military veterans and medical professionals together for disaster response.

Here's a public link to my amateur photo from the press box, via our Facebook page.

Every seat in the bowl of Lambeau Field is covered with a plastic card that helps create two messages. One side of the stadium says, "Thank you veterans." The other says, "Thank you military." The seats in both end zones are decorated with red, white and blue stripes and stars.

A handful of players are already on the field warming up. Look for more blog updates and eventually our in-game Monday Night Live chat.