BBAO: Jay Cutler hit was 'part of game'

We're Black and Blue All Over:

Your neighborhood blogger ran out of steam Tuesday and declined to jump into the whirlpool of another debate about the Detroit Lions' level of aggressive/dirty play. (I also skipped your weekly Total Quarterback Rating report, much to the dismay of none of you, I'm sure. We'll be reformatting that bad boy and debuting it later Wednesday.)

From what I can tell, the takeaway from the round of interviews Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh did Tuesday was that he considered it "part of the game" that Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler lost his helmet during a tackle in Sunday's game at Soldier Field. We'll see if the NFL agrees. Generally speaking, it's fair to assume a series of fines and possibly a suspension or two arising from that game. Players are typically informed of fines on Wednesday and the NFL usually confirms them publicly on Friday.

Continuing around the NFC North: