NFC North Week 10 Quarterback Report

I've heard you loud and clear. You think I/we are shoving the new Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) down your traditionalist throat, and you're not going to take it any longer.

Fine. I won't give it to you anymore, at least not in the same format. None of us knew where QBR would take us when the metric debuted this summer, and to this point there hasn't been enough deviation from passer rating to make a weekly comparison worthwhile.

So we're going to try something different. For the remaining seven weeks of the season, I'll offer up an early-week Quarterback Report that provides the passer rating and QBR of each NFC North quarterback, along with one game-specific statistic that I think encapsulates his weekly performance. For those interested, we'll continue to update our cumulative season chart to give you a sense where our quarterbacks rank among the rest of the league.

Here goes.

Aaron Rodgers

Week 10 passer rating: 140.3

Week 10 QBR: 84.8

Tell-tale number: The Minnesota Vikings gave Rodgers the underneath routes Monday night. He gladly took them, especially when he faced a heavy pass rush. Of his 30 attempts, 18 traveled five yards or less in the air, according to ESPN Stats & Information. That rate of 60 percent was his highest in a game this season. (Bonus: Rodgers appeared Wednesday morning on ESPN's "Mike and Mike in the Morning.")

Matthew Stafford

Week 10 passer rating: 46.3

Week 10 QBR: 23.4

Tell-tale number: The Lions' early deficit mandated the worst possible play-calling scenario in windy conditions for a quarterback with a broken right index finger. On a day when the passing game needed to be minimized, Stafford threw a Lions-record 63 attempts. It was the most attempts in an NFL game over three seasons and tied for eighth-most since 1960.

Jay Cutler

Week 10 passer rating: 68.5

Week 10 QBR: 37.6

Tell-tale number: Cutler took only two sacks against the Lions' ferocious pass rush. He has now taken just five sacks in the Bears' past four games.

Christian Ponder

Week 10 passer rating: 59.2

Week 10 QBR: 9.3

Tell-tale number: Ponder faced an extra pass-rusher on 74.4 percent of his drop-backs, a rate that left him looking like a frazzled rookie for the first time. He averaged 5.6 yards per attempt. In a victory, that number would be considered efficient. In a 38-point loss, it was a sign that he couldn't get the ball downfield.