Thanksgiving Feast: Jim Schwartz profile

As we approach Thursday's showdown at Ford Field, ESPN.com's Jeffri Chadiha profiles fiery Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz -- who has led a franchise turnaround in the wake of its 0-16 collapse in 2008. After losing 20 of his first 24 games in Detroit, Schwartz has won 11 of his last 15. An excerpt from Chadiha's piece:

When some Detroit Lions players dissect the way head coach Jim Schwartz has turned around this franchise, they don't first talk of deft personnel moves or inspired strategies. They start with parking spaces. They go back to the days following Schwartz's arrival in 2009, when the Lions, still reeling from an 0-16 record the previous season, didn't even have enough discipline to park their cars correctly in the team's lot. Not only did Schwartz find many vehicles abandoned at bizarre angles, but some were even occupying handicapped spots most days.

So Schwartz decided one of the first lessons his team had to learn involved respect. Every time he found a car parked illegally, he didn't ask a team employee to have the player move it. He simply called the nearest towing company. The way Schwartz figured, there was only one way to educate his team on the proper manner of doing things. The faster his players learned, the quicker they could move on to more important matters.

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