Awaiting corporate response to Suh

The Friday after Thanksgiving isn't a work day for corporate America, so it's difficult to gauge whether -- or to what extent -- Ndamukong Suh jeopardized his marketability by getting ejected from the Detroit Lions' 27-15 loss Thursday to the Green Bay Packers.

We've all seen Suh hawking for Subway and Chrysler. He's also worked with Omaha Steaks and Battle Sports Science, among other companies. For what it's worth, CNBC business reporter Darren Rovell reached out Friday to a Chrysler spokesman, who refused to comment on Suh's behavior.

I realize few of you will shed a tear if Suh loses any part of the supplemental income, notoriety and corporate reach he's achieved in his two-year NFL career. But the response of corporate America will help us understand how far-reaching Thursday's events really were.

Was it just a dumb decision in a football game that damaged his team's chances to win? Or will it be a defining moment in Suh's professional life, one exacerbated by his unrepentant comments afterward?

I thought ESPN business analyst Andrew Brandt offered a good analogy Friday via Twitter: "Saw couple that don't know football from foosball but knew 'that awful guy who stomped on the guy on the ground.' Suh now household name."

That's the kind of impact advertisers would fear. Stay tuned.