Not feeling a Vikings-Packers swap

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

DETROIT -- I guess stranger things have happened, but I haven’t been able to find anyone who can corroborate Major League Baseball’s claims that Minnesota and Green Bay might swap home games to accommodate a potential Twins playoff game Oct. 5 at the Metrodome. (Original post here.)

In fact, I’ve been told by multiple people that a swap isn’t an option at all -- from a logistical or financial standpoint. The Vikings and Packers will play at the Metrodome in Week 4 and at Lambeau Field on Nov. 1

Because the Vikings have scheduling priority over the Metrodome in all cases except for the World Series, one possible solution calls for the Twins to move their potential playoff game to Oct. 5. (The playoff game would only be necessary if the Twins finish the 162-game regular season in a first-place tie in the American League Central, and it would only be at the Metrodome if the Twins win the head-to-head series in their regular season with the team they’re tied with.)

As we touched on Saturday, the Vikings acquiesced scheduling priority to the Twins in 2006 when the possibility existed of a baseball playoff game on the Sunday of a Vikings-Lions contest. In that scenario, the Vikings agreed to push back the timing by one day and play Monday night at the Metrodome if necessary. (Ultimately, the Twins were eliminated from the playoffs and the Vikings-Lions game was played as scheduled.)

For agreeing to push back if needed, the Vikings received $150,000 from the government entity that runs the Metrodome. Had the game actually been moved, the Vikings would have received up to $350,000.

But that was only to move the day of the game, not change locations. Both the Packers and the Vikings would face major logistical hurdles to pull off a home-date swap, not to mention the headaches it would cause to fans who have planned to attend each game.

I suppose something could change, but as of now there is no chance that either Vikings-Packers game is moved this season.