ESPN: At least two games for Suh

Good morning, everyone. As we discussed earlier this week, I won't be at a game Sunday after hitting the Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit. But I will be checking in periodically throughout the day, and we'll start by passing along an important update on the status of Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh from ESPN.

SuhSuhAccording to a report moments ago on "Sunday NFL Countdown," the NFL is expected to suspend Suh for at least two games as a result of his ejection from Thursday's game. He is also expected to be fined $25,000 by the Lions and could face mandatory anger management classes.

An announcement would come Monday or Tuesday. Suh's weekly game check is $82,000, which means he would lose $164,000 for two-game suspension in addition to any fine the Lions might issue.

Obviously, the league is taking this matter seriously. At first glance, however, I'm not sure if a two-game suspension would dramatically impact the Lions' fortunes based on their schedule.

Quite frankly, they are going to have a hard time winning at the New Orleans Saints on Dec. 4, with or without Suh. And if they are indeed a playoff-caliber team, they should beat the Minnesota Vikings at home the following week regardless of who is starting along their defensive line.

In the Sports Reporters video below, Israel Gutierrez says that Suh "has to be considered the dirtiest player in the game."

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