NFC North Week 12 Quarterback Report

Checking in on NFC North quarterbacks via our reconfigured Quarterback Report:

Aaron Rodgers

Week 12 passer rating: 116.6

Week 12 QBR: 66.1

Tell-tale number: In two games last season against the Detroit Lions, and the first half of Thursday's game, Rodgers managed to complete only seven of 18 passes that traveled 11 yards or more in the air. But Rodgers found a way to get the ball downfield in the second half Thursday, completing six of his final seven of those passes. The mid-game departure of Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh couldn't have hurt.

Christian Ponder

Week 12 passer rating: 103.1

Week 12 QBR: 52.3

Tell-tale number: It's worth noting that Ponder had his most efficient game of the season with tailback Adrian Peterson watching from home because of an ankle injury. His passer rating, QBR and completion percentage (68.0) were all career bests.

Matthew Stafford

Week 12 passer rating: 66.5

Week 12 QBR: 30.9

Tell-tale number: Stafford's three interceptions against the Green Bay Packers brought his three-game total to nine. That stretch has coincided with a fractured right index finger and subsequent decision to wear gloves to hold a splint in place. Stafford had thrown five interceptions in his previous 11 starts, dating back to last season. Read into that what you will.

Caleb Hanie

Week 12 passer rating: 56.9

Week 12 QBR: 21.2

Tell-tale number: Hanie has played five quarters of NFL games that mattered, including Sunday against the Oakland Raiders and the fourth quarter of the 2010 NFC Championship Game. In catch-up mode both times, he has thrown a total of five interceptions in 56 attempts.