In this corner, with the cane ...

I grew up a big fan of professional wrestling, which probably explains why I made it through the entire video you find by following this link over to TSN.com.

In it, you'll see former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Joe Kapp brawling with a longtime rival from his CFL days during a CFL Alumni Association event last Friday in Vancouver. Kapp and his antagonist, Angelo Mosca, are 73.

According to the TSN account, Kapp approached Mosca with a rose as a sign he was ready to bury their long-running feud. One thing led to another, Mosca started swinging his cane wildly (I am not making that up) and Kapp punched Mosca hard enough to knock him off the stage.

Mosca was a pro wrestler after his CFL days, but TSN reported: "Few in attendance feel this was staged by either participant." Even if it was, I can't think of a better way to start the work week than watching two septuagenarians throw hands at each other.