BBAO: Giants vow to hit Aaron Rodgers

We're Black and Blue All Over:

I probably didn't pay enough attention Thursday to some aggressive words that came from New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, especially considering how closely some members of the Green Bay Packers follow what it said and written about them. Here's how Fewell said his team will defend Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers this Sunday, via NFC East colleague Dan Graziano:

"We have to be very disciplined in our rush lanes. But more so than disciplined, we got to get after his [expletive]. If we do that and he scrambles, then that is the price he is going to have to pay because we are going to hit him. We are going to hit him."

Fewell was obviously upset about the way his defense played in a disastrous loss Monday to the New Orleans Saints, and part of his tirade was no doubt meant as motivation for his team. But he also threw down the gauntlet at Rodgers and the Packers' pass protection as well. We'll see how it works out for him.

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