No charges or injuries in Suh accident

By all accounts, the car accident that the Detroit Lions' Ndamukong Suh was involved in Saturday morning was minor. There were no injuries, not to Suh or either of his two passengers, and no charges have been filed.

Based on the early reports from Portland, Ore., where the accident occurred, it could have been much worse. Generally speaking, when you can walk away uninjured after the car you're traveling in hits a curb, a light pole, a drinking fountain and a tree, you should consider yourself fortunate.

Suh went to high school in Portland and is spending some time there while on a two-game NFL suspension. He can re-join the Lions on Dec. 12.

According to the Oregonian, it was at least the second accident in the past two years involving a car that Suh was driving. In 2009, he rammed three parked cars in Lincoln, Neb., at 2:20 a.m. He was ticketed with negligent driving.