NFC North Week 13 Quarterback Report

NFC North quarterbacks had the three highest passing totals in Week 13 but only one win to show for it, as we see in this week's Quarterback Report:

Aaron Rodgers

Week 13 passer rating: 106.2

Week 13 QBR: 92.4

Tell-tale number: Rodgers attacked the New York Giants with as many downfield passes as he has in any game of his career. He had 13 attempts that traveled 15 or more yards in the air. But at least four drops left his completion percentage at a season-low 60.9, leaving his passer rating under 110.0 for the first time all season.

Matthew Stafford

Week 13 passer rating: 97.6

Week 13 QBR: 63.3

Tell-tale number: Stafford broke the 400-yard barrier for the second time in his career. It's worth noting he threw only one interception, a late-game desperation heave, after removing the gloves he had worn over three previous games to protect a fractured right index finger.

Christian Ponder

Week 13 passer rating: 90.8

Week 13 QBR: 52.9

Tell-tale number: No Vikings rookie has thrown for more yards (381) in a game than Ponder did Sunday. But Ponder's three turnovers led to the points that more than accounted for Sunday's margin of defeat.

Caleb Hanie

Week 13 passer rating: 23.8

Week 13 QBR: 2.3

Tell-tale number: Hanie has now thrown three interceptions in each of his first two NFL starts.