NFC North Week 14 Quarterback Report

NFC North quarterbacks were all over the map in Week 14. Let's take a closer look:

Aaron Rodgers

Week 14 passer rating: 96.7

Week 14 QBR: 79.0

Tell-tale number: Raiders safety Mike Mitchell snatched the ball away from tight end Jermichael Finley in the end zone in the second quarter, marking just the second red zone interception that Rodgers has thrown -- in his career. A red zone interception is one in which the original line of scrimmage was inside the 20-yard line.

Matthew Stafford

Week 14 passer rating: 115.2

Week 14 QBR: 54.1

Tell-tale number: Stafford took five sacks, pulling down his QBR. But here's something for those who like positivity on Monday mornings. After going without an interception Sunday, Stafford has now thrown only five interceptions in 372 attempts he has made when not wearing gloves to protect a fractured index finger. He threw nine interceptions in 144 attempts with the gloves.

Caleb Hanie

Week 14 passer rating: 79.9

Week 14 QBR: 15.5

Tell-tale number: Hanie is athletic and mobile, but that doesn't always correlate to avoiding sacks. Hanie took four of them Sunday against the Denver Broncos and has absorbed 15 in his three starts. In the three games prior, starter Jay Cutler took two sacks combined.

Christian Ponder

Week 14 passer rating: 60.7

Week 14 QBR: 0.8

Tell-tale number: Yes, you read that number right. Ponder's performance Sunday barely made the QBR scale of 0-100. He threw three interceptions, lost one fumble and had a second fumble recovered by his own team in less than three quarters of play. By QBR standards, that means Ponder had the second-worst performance by a quarterback this season and the fourth-worst over the past four seasons in the NFL.