BBAO: Aaron Rodgers on Packers' plans

We're Black and Blue All Over:

It appears that Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy has not only made a decision about his approach to relatively meaningless games late in the regular season, but he has also told at least one player how it will go.

Speaking Tuesday on his ESPN 540 radio show, quarterback Aaron Rodgers indicated McCarthy has confided in him and that the entire team will know as soon as Sunday, when a victory or a San Francisco 49ers loss would give the Packers the NFC's No. 1 seed in the playoffs.

"I am anxious to get to Sunday and am excited about the opportunity to wrap things up, Rodgers said. "There is some information that is privileged and some that is for some people's ears only. So I can’t say that I'm completely oblivious [to] what the potential plans are, but I am excited about the rest of the team figuring them out as well."

Based on comments from McCarthy and other players in the Packers' locker room Sunday, it seemed clear the team won't bench starters to protect them from injury in the final weeks of the regular season. Earlier in the show, however, Rodgers suggested that McCarthy could look to get some key players out of games early if the score allows.

"The score may come into play here the last few weeks potentially if we’ve got things wrapped up," he said.

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