Shock from Dallas on Sam Hurd charges

Sam Hurd spent about four-and-a-half months with the Chicago Bears, and I'm not sure that many of us got a chance to know him or notice his play before he was arrested Wednesday on charges of massive drug distribution. But Hurd spent five seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, where ESPNDallas.com's Jean-Jacques Taylor got to know him. Taylor was stunned to read what Hurd has allegedly been doing off the field. An excerpt from his reaction:

The person described in the complaint sounds nothing like the person I knew.

We're talking about one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, a person I never heard utter a profanity. A man I once spent 30 minutes talking to about the strategies he used to succeed in the popular video game Halo.

Then again, we don't really know anyone. And every time we forget, we get reminded by an incident like this that leaves us wondering what clues, if any, we missed.

Aside from your spouse, some relatives, and your two or three best friends in the world, you don't know anyone.

Sad, isn't it?

Folks show us what they want us to see. They show us what they think we want to see.

Or should see.