Challenge Tracker: Strong success rates

In previous years, we've devoted considerable energy toward tracking the success (and failure) of NFC North coaches in challenging calls through the NFL's instant replay system. I moved away from the Challenge Tracker this season, in part because the league expanded mandatory reviews to all scoring plays, which I figured would take the most dramatic instant replay debates away from the coaches' challenges.

Indeed, there really have been only a handful of quasi-controversial or questionable challenge decisions from NFC North coaches this season. Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier stumbled a bit in the Week 8 game at the Carolina Panthers, but for the most part the enhanced replay system has left our coaches free to challenge obvious missed calls and minimize the risk of losing their timeouts.

As the chart shows, all four NFC North coaches have succeeded in better than half of their challenges during the regular season. Through 13 games, all four rank in the top half of success percentages.