Black and Blue all over: Mea culpa

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

I’ll just say it straight up: I need to make a correction to one of the observations I made during Minnesota’s 27-13 victory Sunday at Detroit.

Those of you who were watching the game on television probably noticed it immediately: Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson lined up as an upback, NOT a gunner, during a second-quarter punt. I questioned the intent of using Jackson on a punt coverage team, but if you watch a replay -- which I finally got around to Monday night -- you can clearly see Jackson faking a direct snap and then faking a throw. Essentially, it was a (fake) fake punt.

I was juggling too many things in the press box at the time and obviously didn’t see the play clearly enough to write about, let alone make a comment. That doesn’t happen very often, and I wish I had taken a minute to wonder if it was really possible that a backup quarterback with a history of injuries was being used as a gunner on punt coverage. Live and learn. But as we’ve discussed before, I’d rather point out my mistakes than hope you never catch them. (Because I know you will.)

End mea culpa. Now, let’s get to our morning spin around the division: