BBAO: Future of Jerry Angelo

We're Black and Blue All Over:

ESPNChicago.com considered this week a question that many Chicago Bears fans are discussing as the 2011 season winds down: Is it time for the Bears to replace general manager Jerry Angelo?

Jon Greenberg argues that 10 years in the job is enough for Angelo and pretty much any general manager. Greenberg: "[Chairman George] McCaskey and team president Ted Phillips need to make a bold move to further complement the foundation Angelo helped build, the foundation which should earn him plaudits when history takes in account his body of work."

On the other hand, Scoop Jackson writes that Angelo can't be blamed for the misfortune of injuries that scuttled the Bears' season. Jackson: "The Bears -- as flawed as they are -- hit a string of bad luck that no GM could correct on the fly. That's what's real."

Your thoughts?

While you fire away, I'll start off our tour of the NFC North: