NFC North Week 16 Quarterback Report

The NFC North had two of the best Week 16 performances by quarterbacks, and a third that came as a surprise to just about everyone. Let's take a closer look:

Aaron Rodgers

Week 16 passer rating: 142.7

Week 16 QBR: 95.9

Tell-tale number: In addition to setting a career high with five touchdown passes, Rodgers avoided a sack Sunday night for the first time in a game all season. He also had a nifty 12-yard run on third-and-5, leaving Chicago Bears linebackers Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs in a heap behind him.

Matthew Stafford

Week 16 passer rating: 137.6

Week 16 QBR: 96.9

Tell-tale number: According to QBR, at least, Stafford had the fifth-best game in the NFL this season on Saturday. In the first half against the San Diego Chargers, Stafford completed 21 passes -- 14 for first downs -- for a number of big gains to put the Lions ahead 24-0. Of his 260 first-half yards, 201 came in the air and 59 after the catch.

Josh McCown

Week 16 passer rating: 76.8

Week 16 QBR: 70.8

Tell-tale number: McCown still has his mobility at age 32. He scrambled eight times for 38 yards, including three times for first downs, and also converted a two-point play.

Christian Ponder

Week 16 passer rating: 75.2

Week 16 QBR: 47.3

Tell-tale number: By design or otherwise, Ponder has been extraordinarily conservative in recent games. Saturday was his third consecutive game with an average yards per attempt of 5.5 or lower.