NFC 411: Ending the MVP 'debate'

Those who are still mentioning the MVP candidacy of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees might simply be recognizing a great season by one of the NFL's top players. From an objective standpoint, however, little has changed since we discussed this topic last month: There is almost no measurable and objective standard that suggests Brees' season has been better than that of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

That includes Brees' new record for passing yards in a season. I did my best to end this debate once and for all in our latest 411 video. My portion ends a bit abruptly, but my basic point is that there isn't enough objective evidence to suggest Brees has had a better season than Rodgers. Brees has more passing yards, but that's because he's thrown more passes. He also has completed a higher percentage of his passes, but I don't think we should decide the MVP award based on completion percentage.

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