On Brandon Jacobs and Tramon Williams

Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field, two sons of Louisiana who played on the same high school team will face each other for the right to play in the NFC Championship Game. David Fleming of ESPN the Magazine brings us the story of Green Bay Packers cornerback Tramon Williams and New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, teammates at Assumption High School in 2000.

An excerpt:

Every season more than 250,000 high school seniors play football, but only one out of every 10,000 actually makes it to the NFL. Of those lucky few, about half of 1 percent go on to earn a Super Bowl ring. Put another way, a high school football player is nearly five times more likely to be hit by lightning than to one day hoist the Lombardi trophy.

So the story of Jacobs, the blue chip running back who fulfilled his destiny with the Giants in Super Bowl XLII, and Williams, the walk-on corner who won a ring last year with Green Bay, is nothing less than remarkable. And not just because they were high school teammates who both beat the enormous odds, but also because of the way they did it. "You couldn't find two more different players, or people, who took two more different paths to the top," says Herb Washington, Assumption's quarterback in 2000 and now the school's offensive coordinator. "The way I describe it is, football fell in love with Brandon and bent over backwards for him, while Tramon fell in love with football and had to bend over backwards for it."

The full story is here. It's worth your time.